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Back Rest with Cushion

Back Rest with Cushion

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*GST exempt.

      • Meets AS 1428.1:2021 Access and Mobility requirements (when used with single flap seat and raised buttons; not compliant for sole occupancy units)
      • Designed to withstand a force of 1100N (110 kg) in any direction
      • Satin stainless steel finish
      • 304 stainless steel frame
      • Concealed fittings with 5-point wall mounts

      Please note: Suitable support must be included behind the wall for fixing bolts.


      Dimensions for Accessible 40°:
      Depth: 355 mm
      Length: 493 mm
      Height: 223 mm

      Returns & Warranty

      AS1428.1 Accessible Compliant

      Care Instructions

      ● Regularly clean with mild soapy water using a clean, soft cloth.
      ● Do not use harsh detergents, bleach, abrasive cleaners or cream/wax cleaners. These substances can results in scratches and/or deposit build-ups that will affect the appearance.
      ● Do not use undue pressure and wipe in one direction only.

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