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Oakleaf HD Plus Laminate Floor "Spotted Gum"

Oakleaf HD Plus Laminate Floor "Spotted Gum"

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Oakleaf HD Plus Laminate Floor "Spotted Gum" is a beautiful and durable flooring option that combines the natural look of wood with the easy maintenance and affordability of laminate flooring. The floor features a warm, reddish-brown color with a distinct spotted pattern that adds unique character and charm to any space. It is constructed from high-density fiberboard and a scratch-resistant top layer, providing excellent protection against wear and tear. The floor is suitable for both residential and commercial settings. With its low maintenance requirements and exceptional durability, Oakleaf HD Plus Laminate Floor "Spotted Gum" is a great choice for those seeking a practical yet stylish flooring solution that adds a sense of natural beauty and warmth to their space.

Varying Sizes



Length: 2200mm

Width: 196mm

Thickness: 12mm


Length: 1215mm

Width: 195mm

Thickness: 8mm

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Care Instructions

Vacuum, sweep, or dust mop the floor to remove any grit or loose dirt which could scratch the floor. Mop the floor using a slightly damp mop and a soap-free, non-abrasive cleaner, removing any marks, footprints or dirt. Stubborn stains and scuff may be removed using a diluted rubbing alcohol.

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