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Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner

Pureflor Hard Surface Cleaner

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PUREFLOR is a floor cleaner for hard surfaces around the home and office.

  • Contains a soap free, multi enzyme formula designed to destroy and break down grease, oil and food waste
  • Eliminates odours by destroying the organic matter
  • pH neutral, non-corrosive and safe for all surfaces not harmed by water
  • Designed to discharge down drains, where the enzyme formula will continue to attack the grease and food waste. Septic safe.
Suitable for use on: vinyl flooring, tiles, wooden floors, concrete.

The enzymes in PUREFLOR cleaner break down stains & odours into their basic elements. Carbon Dioxide and Water readily integrate with the environment instead of polluting it. Even mineral build-ups simply fall apart when our enzymes break down the organic ‘glue’ that holds it in place. 

Complete Ingredients: water, enzymes blended from plants, surfactant and fragrance.


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