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Quick-Step Impressive "Classic Oak Natural"

Quick-Step Impressive "Classic Oak Natural"

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An inviting home should exude warmth and be the perfect balance of beauty and function. The Classic Oak Natural laminate flooring is just that, attractive in detail and durable in the modern material designs and ‘HydroSeal’ coating that protect against wear and stains. Choose a classic oak-inspired flooring for your home, creating a versatile and stylish baseline to build on.

The Quick-Step Impressive range is made up of medium-sized planks and an authentic wood-bevelled detail. The Quick-Step Impressive range is made in Belgium, with an exquisite level of detail given to each unique panel.

The Quick-Step Impressive collection has become a fast favoutite for homewoenrs looking to elevate their home aestheic and secure a durable flooring solution that is as enduring as its beauty. The range features medium-sized planks with an authentic wood detail, as well as a ‘HydroSeal’ coating which results in a water-repellant surface.



Length: 1380mm

Height: 190mm

Width: 12mm

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Care Instructions

Vacuum, sweep, or dust mop the floor to remove any grit or loose dirt which could scratch the floor. Mop the floor using a slightly damp mop and a soap-free, non-abrasive cleaner, removing any marks, footprints or dirt. Stubborn stains and scuff may be removed using a diluted rubbing alcohol.

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