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Stoneworld Matang

Stoneworld Matang

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When it comes to stone-look ceramic tiles our Matang range is a popular choice. Perfectly suited to both the home as well as light commercial spaces, this tile features pressed edges which make it easy and cost-effective to lay on internal wall and floor surfaces. Ceramic tiles are incredibly versatile and affordable choice for any projects. They can be used just about anywhere in the home, indoors or outdoors as both wall and flooring tiles and even for benchtops or splashbacks if you wish. This versatile range is easy to lay and the cushioned edges soften the finished look of the space you planning to transform. With multiple sizes, colours, finishes and faces to choose from our Matang ceramic tile offers real variety. Both the matte and gloss finish provide a durable option and cater to any taste. Versatile to be used in any indoor area, and suited to any style with the choice of multiple colours, finishes and sizes.



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Use PolyFlor's great floor cleaning system here, or for a simple DIY recipe, simply add a cup of vinegar to your mop bucket (filled with hot water). When the vinegar dries up there is no smell or residue left.

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