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Titan Glue "Rustic Oak"

Titan Glue "Rustic Oak"

Pricing available upon request

Vinyl has always been a cost effective alternative to hardwood, but now households can enjoy the beauty of their favourite wood species with the Titan Vinyl Glue collection. Choose from one of 16 beautiful floors and complement your home aesthetic with these true to nature designs. The vinyl collection is also quiet underfoot and topped with a low sheen surface, making it ideal for every environment.

Busy households will love the durability of the Titan Vinyl Glue, which is easier to clean and makes maintaining a hygienic home possible. Day to day wear and tear is no match for this extremely durable surface, despite the delicate look of this wood-inspired appearance.




Length: 1505mm

Height: 185mm

Width: 2mm

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Care Instructions

Vacuum, sweep or dust mop the floor to remove any grit or loose dirt which could scratch the floor. Mop the floor using a slightly damp mop and a soap-free, non-abrasive cleaner, removing any marks, footprints or dirt. Stubborn stains and scuff may be removed using a diluted rubbing alcohol.

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